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6 March 2019

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

Over the last couple of months, I have been in consultation with Paul Bryant (TCSO Facilities Development Manager) and Peter Muscat (TCSO Facilities Maintenance Planner) regarding our school facilities and Master Planning. As result of our school buildings and maintenance audit, it is clear our school toilet block and library are to be placed as high priority areas in need addressing.

The estimated cost of bringing these two buildings up to a functional standard (before even refurbishing) is significant. Therefore, the need to consider the possibility of rebuilding both the toilet, library and eating area into a contemporary educational space is highly desirable. Considerations when making the decision of rebuilding include: finances, ongoing maintenance cost, educational needs of the students and contemporary educational opportunities. Sacred Heart are researching Capital Grant programs of the Australian and Queensland Governments (specifically BGA) and potentially applying for this by the end of March 2019.

I am seeking parent and community input regarding this topic and have organised two opportunities to discuss this proposal.

Wednesday 6th March – 5 pm @ Sacred Heart School Office
Sunday 10th March – 9:15 am @ Sacred Heart Parish Church

Anyone is welcome to come along and attend either of the above meetings or visit me at school to discuss. I apologise for the short notice for these meetings, however the timeline for grant applications is a matter of urgency. I am very keen to hear your perspective regarding this important matter for our school’s future.

Have a fantastic week.

Polly Crawford

Guidance Counsellor Report

It is hard to believe we are half way through Term 1, in this week’s newsletter I wanted to share some great online mental health and wellbeing programs that are helpful to children, teens and adults too! These programs can all be accessed via the Internet and have been shown to improve the mental health and wellbeing for people who use them. With the Advances we see in technology we have seen an emergence of some great programs - if you don’t find what you like below visit the link below to find an absolute treasure trove of Australia’s best digital mental health resources.

Smiling Mind – Mindfulness Program

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a state of being fully awake to life – being aware and undistracted in the present moment and observing life as it unfolds without analysis and judgment. It is about focusing attention on the present, rather than thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Mindfulness Meditation is a clinically proven to support wellbeing and mental health. It involves setting aside time in a quiet space to focus on the present moment and what’s happening internally and externally.

Mindfulness Meditation has been shown to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase resilience
  • Increase positive emotions
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Improve attention and focus

Smiling Mind is a free program that provides resources to support the development of mindfulness skills. These skills help to manage stress, increase awareness of emotions, improve attention and focus, and can prevent difficulties from getting worse.

The Smiling Mind website and smartphone app provide information about mindfulness and action- After you set up your account simply go to Youth programs and chose one based on your child’s age.

All classes at Sacred Heart Parish School have been practicing Mindfulness and Meditation strategies, please consider introducing and reinforcing these important skills at home through the use of these activities…

It certainly assists in making for a calmer home and can be a very enjoyable activity to do with your child.

The Brave Program

The BRAVE program is a free online self-help program that contains both resources and information for young children, children, teenagers and their parents. It is designed specifically to help young people with anxiety overcome their worries and improve the quality of their lives.

No matter how old or young you are, everyone experiences anxiety at times. We here at the BRAVE program know that worrying about things all the time is tough. The BRAVE program was developed to help young people and their parents develop skills and coping strategies so that your worries and anxiety don’t stop young people from doing the things you want or need to do.

The BRAVE Team also know how hard it can be to make the time to fit everything in! The BRAVE program is an online program that you can work through at your own speed in the privacy of your own home.

Currently there are 3 programs

  • Young Children Program (Ages 3 -7)
  • Child Program (Ages 8 -12)
  • Teen Program (Ages 12 -17)

You can watch Demos of each program and also do a 20 minute trial to see if this program may suit Visit The Brave Program to find out more information about each of these programs.

Cool Kids Online -Internet Delivered Child Anxiety Treatment (ages 7-12)

Cool Kids Online is based on the world-renowned Cool Kids program which has been running at Macquarie University since 1993. The Cool Kids program is a structured, skills-based program that teaches children and their parents how to better manage anxiety. Results for both the face to face program and the online program show most young people who complete Cool Kids experience significant improvements, with decreases in worry, fear, family distress and life interference.

Cool Kids Online consists of 8 online lessons for parents and children to complete together over 10 weeks. Topics covered in the program include:

  • Learning about feelings and anxiety
  • Fighting fear by facing fear (stepladders)
  • Learning to think realistically (detective thinking)
  • Building assertiveness and dealing with teasing
  • Helpful ways of coping when upset

Parents take the role of their child’s coach helping them put skills into practice, and most importantly, give their child support and encouragement along the way. Coaches also learn about helpful ways of responding to anxiety. Parents also receive four telephone sessions with an experienced psychologist during the program. These sessions provide an opportunity for parents to:

  • Ask questions about the program material,
  • Discuss progress and how to apply the Cool Kids skills to their child’s fears and worries, and
  • Receive guidance on how to overcome any problems encountered using the skills.

For more information visit Cool kids online or view the program flyer here. These programs fill up very quickly. (please note fees apply)


Moodgym is a free online self-help program designed to help users (aged 15+) prevent and manage symptoms of depression and anxiety. It is like an interactive, online self-help book which teaches skills based on cognitive behaviour therapy. moodgym is designed to be used by people who would like to prevent mental health problems or manage problems which are troubling but not incapacitating.

moodgym consists of five interactive modules which are completed in order. moodgym

  • has over 1 million users worldwide,
  • is anonymous and confidential,
  • securely handles your private information and data
  • Is accessible anytime, at your own pace
  • Has been scientifically evaluated

For further information and to register visit moodgym.

E- Couch – Anxiety and Worry program

The e-couch website provides evidence-based information about emotional problems including their causes, treatments and ways to manage and prevent them. Some information can be reviewed before registering. When you register for the program you complete a number of quizzes, for example depression and anxiety questionnaires, which give feedback on how you are feeling. On return visits, you can complete the quizzes again and view graphs your progress over time.

The program includes five separate programs relating to depression, anxiety and worry, social anxiety, divorce and separation, and bereavement and loss. Each program includes an 'armchair' section with lots of information, a collection of self-help toolkits with practical advice and techniques, physical activity and relaxation, and a workbook. You can complete the various activities within each program in any order - and your progress is tracked and displayed.

e-couch is free and suitable for users aged 16 years and over – however it is primarily aimed at adults. Register here

e-hub Assist include more information about e-couch and our other programs, including how they are used and the evidence for their effectiveness.

Mike Thomason
Guidance Officer

Prep/1 News

Welcome to Week 6! We have been getting stuck into all areas of learning and have had some fun doing so. Last week in Science we experimented with different materials and their water-resistant abilities. This week we will be looking at how the sun effects the same materials and documenting any changes. In Literacy our knowledge of sounds and letters continues to grow, and we are enjoying reading the Pig the Pug book series. Every day we are finding more and more ‘amazing’ words in sentences to describe the characters in each book. We have been working hard with Miss Wendy to perfect our dance for the fete. We only have a couple more days to practise as the fete is this Friday! I kindly ask that we wear a yellow or white shirt and black pants to suit our dance theme. If those colours are not possible, then a colour close to that would be fine. See you all on Friday night and I hope you bring your dancing shoes along for a great performance!

Mrs Standfield
Prep/1 Teacher

Prep/1 students practicing their Dance!

Year 2/3 News

Wow, we are over half way through the first term and Year 2 and 3 are rocketing along as well. All students are settling in nicely and contributing to a really nice vibe in the class. Our literacy is continuing with focus on the great character that is Doctor Seuss’s ‘Cat in the Hat’. We are forming opinions on what ‘The Cunnamulla Fella’ actually is and what it means to the community. The highlight of this topic was a class trip to the mighty statue and some wonderful artwork that now takes pride of place in Room 2. Swimming on Thursday’s has seen some great progress from our wee swimmers and a lot of fun also had by all.

All the best.
Mr Pullar
2/3 Teacher

Cunnamulla Fella

Year 3/4 News

Unfortunately, this week we had to say goodbye to one of our cherished class members Tyler Ibell, we wish him all the best and know he will have an amazing time at his new school! Highlights for the past fortnight are last Thursday we had a going away party for the Ibell family. Also, this week we completed a science investigation which taught us about which shape was the strongest and could hold the most weight. This knowledge will help us complete our design task for the term, which is making a package that can safely deliver a fragile item. The students have been persistently working all week to achieve their reading and mathematics goals and are looking forward to using their fantastic writing skills when we go on our excursion this Wednesday to the Warrego river. Where we will explain the similarities and differences between the Warrego River in the past compared to the present.

Miss Sor`e
Year 3/4 Teacher

Year 5/6 News

Our vegetables are starting to grow! We have tomato plant seedlings growing beautifully in our vegetable patch. This week we are going to be conducting scientific investigations to see which method of watering helps the vegetables to grow best. Will it be the hose, a spray bottle, a bucket or a watering can? We have made our predictions and are ready to become scientific horticulturalists.

Year 5/6 students growing vegetables.

As part of our cyber safety week within the 5/6 class, we decided to see just how many people can view our social media posts. I posted a picture to my personal Facebook account and shared it with my friends. My friends then shared it to theirs, who shared it to theirs and so on. After less than a week, the post has been liked 224 times, commented on 154 times and has been shared close to 400 times. The post has been viewed all over the globe including Brisbane, Japan, Florida, Chile, Thailand, Canada, Western Australia, The UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Darwin, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Dubai and even the oil rigs in the middle of the North Sea! This is a reminder that we need to practice appropriate cyber use at all times to ensure our safety.

Emily Conlin
Year 5/6 Teacher

Class and Uniform Awards


Emilyjean Robinson-Wharton

For great work using strategies when reading.

Lennox Falconer

For great work counting objects in Maths.

Year 2/3

Dominick Pender

For being a perfect role model.

Bella Woods

For showing great persistence.

Year 3/4

Justin Mitchell

For trying his best at all times.

Felicity Higgins

For always demonstrating compassion.

Year 5/6

Kellie Brain

For an amazing performance at District Swimming

Sophie Driver

For a beautiful piece of descriptive writing.


Charlotte Ashley-McKellar

For wearing your uniform with pride.

Amy King

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to all the students and staff that have a birthday this fortnight.

Mrs Palmer – 18th February
Goothala Rynne – 1st March
Dean Wharton-McKellar – 4th March
Miss Johnstone & Mrs Dunsdon – 10th March

Fundraising for North QLD Children

As part of family rotations, students at Sacred Heart made Show Bags for students in Winton, Julia Creek and Cloncurry who have been affected by the recent floods. Show bags contain items like lollies, stickers, pencils, rubbers and small toys as well as letters from the Sacred Heart students. We hope that this gesture brings a smile to the recipients faces in a time of hardship.

Sacred Heart students packing the show bags ready for posting.

Library Days

Library borrowing and buddy reading is well underway. Don't forget to bring your library books back each week so you can change them over for new ones!

Borrowing Days:

Wednesday - Year 5/6
Thursday - P/1, Year 2/3, Year 3/4

Happy Reading!!
Mrs Fagan
Teacher Librarian

Swimming Days

Class swimming days will be as follows for the rest of Term 1.


Prep/1 – 2.15pm – 2.45pm
Year 2/3 – 12.15pm – 12.45pm


Year 3/4 – 12.15pm – 12.45pm
Year 5/6 – 2.15pm – 2.45pm

Homework Club

Homework Club is up and running again this year and all students are welcome to attend. It is a great opportunity for students to receive homework support so make sure you take advantage of this great service. Miss Ferguson will be running Homework Club this year and times/days are as follows:

Tuesday’s – 3:00-3:45pm
Thursday’s – 3:00-3:45pm

Regional Swimming

Last Friday 1st March, Kellie Brain swam at the Regional Swimming competition in Chinchilla along with two students from Cunnamulla State School. Kellie put in her best efforts and represented our region with pride.

Kellie Brain at the big watermelon in Chinchilla before her big race.

District and Regional Sports

This Friday we have three students attending the 10-12 years District Touch Trials in Charleville – Geoffrey Rynne, Kellie Brain and Paige Mills. I am sure they will try their hardest and we wish them all the best.

This year we will be working with the Cunnamulla Sate School to support the district and regional school sports of Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Rugby League, Touch Football, Netball and Basketball. However, if you wish for your child to participate in an additional sport listed below you are welcome to pursue that yourself, we will provide you the information. The timetable of regional trail dates for this Term are as below. *Please note that students need to participate in a district trial before a regional trial*.


Age Group

Trial Date


Girls & Boys Touch Football

10-12 years

Friday 8th March



10-12 years

Friday 15th March

St Mary’s Charleville

Girls & Boys Rugby League

11-12 years

Friday 15th March

CSS Charleville

Please see Mrs Crick or Mr Pullar if you are interested in any of the sports above well before the trial date so nominations can be made.

Student Protection

At Sacred Heart the safety and wellbeing of our students is our highest priority. All children should grow up free of violence or exploitation and be able to learn in a safe and supported environment. Schools have a number of specific child protection reporting obligations that are detailed in our Student Protection Processes and Guidelines.

If a student wants to talk to someone about harm, abuse or inappropriate behaviour toward themselves or others, they can speak to a trusted staff member or one of our School Student Protection Contacts (SSPCs). The SSPCs receive additional training and are identified in the student protection posters displayed around the school.

Summary documents have been developed for parents and caregivers about our student protection obligations and our broader strategy for maintaining safe school environments.

Further information on all of the above topics can be found on the Toowoomba Catholic Schools website at the link below:

Our Schools Student Protection Contacts are:

Mrs Cara Haig (Middle Leader/LST)
Mrs Carolyn Crick (Administration Officer)
Mr Mike Thomason (School Guidance Counsellor)
Miss Polly Crawford (Acting Principal)


We are desperately looking for tuckshop volunteers! If we are unable to get more volunteers we will be looking at only holding tuckshop once a week from Term 2. If you are interested please contact Carla Mills on 0448130067 or facebook.

We have a new Tuckshop Menu!! Please peruse the menu to see what changes have been made.

Tuckshop Roster



Cake Cooker

Monday 4th March

Maryanne Johnstone

Jenny Webb

Friday 8th March

Tina Jackson

Alice Behrendt

School Tuition Fees

At Sacred Heart, we have several payment options for your convenience: Cash, Cheque, ETPOS, Direct Debit and Centrepay. For further details on these payment options please see the school office.

Direct Deposit Details

Account Name

Sacred Heart Primary School

Account Number



064 786


Account Number

Please see the table below for the Fee Structure for 2019. A portion of the Capital/Building Levy may be utilised for other capital education purposes within the Diocese, for example the provision of Kindergarten and Outside School Hours Care.

2019 Fee Structure

Tuition Fees

One child.

Two children.

Three or more children

Whole Year Fees




Resource Levy




Capital Development Levy




Amount charged per Term per Family




There will be an additional charge of $10 per student for the whole year for the Special Purpose Levy.

Sacred Heart Parish Fete

The Sacred Heart Parish Fete will be held this Friday evening the 8th March. All classes will be performing the dance they have been working on and choreographing throughout the term at the Parish Fete. Students need to be at the Fete by 6.15pm. We are seeking assistance for the stalls at the fete. We need cakes, biscuits and/or lollies for the cake stall. We also need bottles or any groceries for the bottle stall. Contact Sr Maureen or Jan Gorrie. Please return Raffle Tickets by this Thursday 7th March.

Sacred Heart Parish

Church Times

Sunday 10th March – Eucharistic Service @ 8.30am
Sunday 17th March– Mass @ 6pm
Saturday 23rd March – Mass @ 6pm
Sunday 24th March– Mass Eulo @ 9am
Sunday 31st March - Eucharistic Service @ 8.30am

Community News

Term 1 Important Dates

Wednesday 6th March

12.30pm - Ash Wednesday Liturgy

6pm - Yr 6 Parent Evening – Canberra Trip

Friday 8th March

Assembly – 8.45am

Meals on Wheels

10-12 years District Touch Trials Charleville

Sacred Heart Parish Fete – 6pm

Friday 15th March

10-12 Years District Netball Trials

11-12 Years District Rugby League Trials

Friday 22nd March

Assembly- 8.45am

Tuesday 26th March

Prep Vision Screening

Thursday 4th April

Assembly – 8.45am

Easter Liturgy

Last Day for Term 1

Friday 5th April

Pupil Free Day