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3 February 2021

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

Welcome back for another year of learning at Sacred Heart Primary School. We have had a fantastic first week with high focus placed on developing classroom routines and transitions and ‘getting to know you’ activities. I even witnessed students ‘getting in the learning pit’ as they work through the challenges of learning new concepts and skills.

I would like to warmly welcome our nine new Prep students to Sacred Heart: Ava-May, Charvee, Heather, Isla, Lake, Lincoln, Lucy, Natarlia and Nathanial. The Prep/1 classroom was a hive of activity with lots of fun had by all. Your Year 6 buddies were delighted to spend time getting to know you on Friday while showing off a few dance moves.

2021 Prep Students

This year we also welcome three new teachers, Miss Aimee Bretherton, Miss Ellie Charlton and Miss Lilly Daly as well as a new visiting Guidance Counsellor Ms Karen Bruggemann. Feel free to pop in before school to meet them and say hello. Mrs Bruggemann will be at Sacred Heart this Wednesday 3rd February and Thursday 4th February.

Classroom Teachers 2021 - Mrs Jenny Shellshear (Yr 1/2), Miss Aimee Bretherton (Prep/1), Miss Lilly Daly (Yr 5/6), Miss Ellie Charlton (Yr 3/4).

Habits of the Mind and Habits of the Heart

We continue to explore and embed our school ‘Habits of the Mind and Habits of the Heart’. This framework provides us with a guide for thinking and emotional dispositions. Our ‘Habits of the Mind’ allow our students to learn how to use their minds well to develop critical and creative thinking skills. Our ‘Habits of the Heart’ assist our students in developing social-emotional intelligence alongside the Mercy values.

At Sacred Heart we aspire to live by the Habits of the Heart of:
Belonging, Compassion, Courage, Service and Excellence.

At Sacred Heart we strive for success through practicing our Habits of the Mind including:
Curiosity, Persistence, Communication, Making Connections and Independence.

This fortnight our focus habits are, Belonging and Communication. Our students have been learning how to develop a sense of belonging in their classrooms and school community as well as appropriate and effective ways of communicating. Our fortnightly awards will now also focus on these areas.

“We must strive to do ordinary things extraordinarily well”.
Catherine McAuley

Staff Professional Development

Before school started, our staff took part in an induction week which provided many professional development opportunities. Sessions included Australian Curriculum development, Ignite Learning Project, Mercy Charism, IT training, Social Emotional Program Training (Zones of Regulation/You Can Do it) and cultural awareness. Our cultural awareness tour was led by Lawrence Anderson and Dan McKellar and included visits to significant sights around town, discussions around Indigenous culture and sharing of stories. It was a very positive experience for our staff and we plan to continue these experiences with our students.

Staff cultural tour with Dan McKellar and Lawrence Anderson

Miss Polly Crawford

Prep/1 News

Welcome back! Our Prep/1s have been hard at work learning all of our new routines needed for being at school. We have been working on how to line up, how we talk and listen in our classroom, how to mark the roll and other basic routines in the classrooms. Throughout the week, we have taken many photos of our adventures, like our first day of school, our hunt for the green sheep, time with our buddies and how to take selfies. We have had a great week and can’t wait for all of our fun and learning to continue!

Miss Aimee Bretherton
Prep/1 Teacher

Year 1/2 News

It has been a very smooth beginning to the school year in our room, with children well settled in and daily routines beginning to become second nature to them. Spending weeks one and two getting to know one another and familiarising the children with the way things are done, sets up the classroom for a smooth year ahead. We are very excited about our new library and enjoyed looking at it last Friday, however borrowing hasn’t yet begun. The new eating area is so much cooler and with the old toilet block gone, visibility from there to the playground is so much better. Going swimming last week provided them with an opportunity to cool off in this heat and also prepare for the swimming carnival this Friday afternoon. There’s no set homework this week, it will commence when we’ve established reading and spelling levels. They are a delightful group and I know we will have a wonderful year of teaching and learning together.

Mrs Jenny Shellshear
Year 1/2 Teacher

Year 3/4 News

Welcome back to school for 2021! In year 3-4, we have started the year off with a focus on growth mindset and positive approaches to our learning. The students have been given the challenge of learning Double Dutch (skipping with two ropes at a time). We jumped into the learning pit with enthusiasm and determination! At first, the task seemed scary and the students were unsure where to start, however, by working together we have already seen an improvement in our skills! The students have been very persistent and are committed to practicing every day, which is wonderful to see.

Miss Ellie Charlton
Year 3/4 Teacher

Year 5/6 News

This week we welcomed back our Year 5-6 leaders. We started off the year with a focus on creating a class community of respectful learners. Students engaged in activities that allowed them to brainstorm and practice what they expect of themselves and others, as responsible, kind and persistent classmates. Students also welcomed back their Prep/1 Buddies, developing their leadership skills and being role models for the new students. We also had our first swimming lesson for the year on Friday, with all students practicing for the upcoming school carnival. We started our year off well and we can’t wait to continue more learning! Have a great week!

Miss Lilly Daly
Year 5/6 Teacher

Class and Uniform Awards

This fortnights focus:

Habit of the Heart: Belonging
Habit of the Mind: Communication



Jacqui Hooper-Monaghan

For welcoming our preps to our classroom and school community.

Year 1/2

Noah Anthony

For including the whole class in his birthday celebration.

Year 3/4

Amy King

For welcoming younger students into the classroom.

Year 5/6

Brooke Roberts

For warmly welcoming Miss Daly and classmates to the Yr 5/6 classroom.



Lake Wilson

For following our whole body listening and working hard on our talking routines.

Year 1/2

Dallas Ramsay

For being very good at sharing his thoughts and ideas with others.

Year 3/4

Maximus Jordan

For his effort in answering questions written and verbally.

Year 5/6

Charlotte Ramsay

For communicating respectfully to teachers and peers.



Charvee Narula

For wearing your uniform with pride.

Year 1/2

Zara Field

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to all the students and staff that have a birthday.

Kaydan Munn-McFarlane – 5th January
Justin Mitchell – 7th January
Nicholas Harper – 11th January
Amy King - 16th January
Brooke Roberts – 17th January
Paige Tanner – 18th January
Bella Woods – 26th January
Nathanial Mitchell – 27th January
Isla Dunne – 3rd February
Lincoln Thompson – 5th February
Jocelyn Harper – 5th February
Penny Schmidt – 7th February

Assembly/Leadership Speeches/Opening Liturgy

Next Friday 5th February at 8:40am, we will be holding our first assembly for the school year as well as our Opening School Liturgy. Our Year 6 students who wish to apply for a school leader role, will also be presenting their speeches. All parents, friends and community members are welcome to come along and join in on the first celebration for the year.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons with Miss Maryanne at the town pool have begun. All students are expected to participate in these lessons as it is part of the HPE curriculum. If your child is unwell and not able to participate in a lesson, please write a note for the classroom teacher or phone the school office. All students need to bring their togs, towel, thongs (optional) and $1 to participate.

Class swimming days and times for the next fortnight are:

Week 2

Thursday 4th February:

12:15pm - Year 1/2
2.15pm - Prep/1

Friday 5th February:

12:15pm - Year 3/4
2.15pm - Year 5/6

Week 3

Wednesday 10th February:

12:15pm - Year 3/4
2.15pm - Year 5/6

Thursday 11th February:

12:15pm - Year 1/2
2.15pm - Prep/1

Sacred Heart Twilight Swimming Carnival

This Friday evening 5th February, we will be holding our annual school swimming carnival at the town pool. The evening will kick off at 5:15pm so we ask for all students to be at the pool by 5:00pm. We encourage all students to attend and to participate in the events.

Students are to wear their full school sports uniform (white shirt, green bottoms, white socks, black shoes and green hat). We will be looking for some parents/community volunteers to help on the night so anyone who is able to lend a hand please let the office know.

Get ready to cheer your team on!!!

Parent Information Night/New Building Tour

On Monday 8th February, we are holding our Parent Information Evening. This will be an opportunity for parents/carers to meet the classroom teachers, find out what your child will be learning about this Term and to discuss other important news to help with the smooth running of school life. We encourage all parents/carers to attend this evening.

Sessions times are as follows:

Prep/1 - 5pm
Yr 1/2 - 5:30pm
Yr 3/4 - 6pm
Yr 5/6 - 6:30pm

After each session, Miss Crawford will take parents for a tour of our new library, undercover lunch area and amenities block. We are very happy with the final product!

Sacred Heart Parent Partnership Forum AGM

On Monday 15th February at 5pm the Sacred Heart PPF will be holding their AGM. We would love as many parents as possible to come along. Many hands make light work!

District and Regional Sports

This year we will continue to work with the Cunnamulla Sate School to support the district and regional school sports of Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Rugby League, Touch Football and Netball. However, if you wish for your child to participate in an additional sport listed below you are welcome to pursue that yourself, we will provide you the information. The timetable of regional trail dates for this Term are as below. *Please note that students need to participate in a district trial before a regional trial*.

Term 1 District/Regional Sports 10-12 years


District Trial Date

District Location

Regional Trial Date

Regional Location


Friday 12th February


Monday 1st March



19th or 26th March TBC


Thursday 29th April

St George

Boys Rugby League

19th or 26th March TBC


Friday 30th April



Individual nom due 12th February

Wednesday 24th February



Friday 19th February


10th March (girls)

11th March (boys)

St George

Please see Mrs Crick if you are interested in any of the sports above well before the trial date so nominations can be made.



We are hoping to once again be able to run tuckshop on a Friday but in order to do this we are desperately seeking Volunteers and Cake Cookers. If you can help on any of the dates below, can you please let Mrs Crick know at the office. Tuckshop runs from 9am – 1.30pm

Volunteers and Cake cookers need for these Fridays: 12th February, 19th February, 26th February 5th March, 12th March, 19th March or 26th March

Student Protection

At Sacred Heart the safety and wellbeing of our students is our highest priority. All children should grow up free of violence or exploitation and be able to learn in a safe and supported environment. Schools have a number of specific child protection reporting obligations that are detailed in our Student Protection Processes and Guidelines.

If a student wants to talk to someone about harm, abuse or inappropriate behaviour toward themselves or others, they can speak to a trusted staff member or one of our School Student Protection Contacts (SSPCs). The SSPCs receive additional training and are identified in the student protection posters displayed around the school.

Summary documents have been developed for parents and caregivers about our student protection obligations and our broader strategy for maintaining safe school environments.

Further information on all of the above topics can be found on the Toowoomba Catholic Schools website at the link below:

Our Schools Student Protection Contacts are:

Mrs Cara Haig (Deputy / LST)
Mrs Carolyn Crick (Administration Officer)
Ms Karen Bruggemann (School Guidance Counsellor)
Miss Polly Crawford (Principal)

Uniform Policy

The school uniform represents the pride we have for our children and our school. A smart, neat and user-friendly uniform encourages the children to take pride in their appearance and in the school. The school uniform requirements:

Polo Shirts

Green/Yellow polo shirt (available from the school office)

Sports Shirt

White polo shirt (available from the school Office)

Worn once a week – on Thursdays.

Skorts or Shorts

Bottle green skorts

Bottle green shorts


White socks


ALL BLACK shoes (preferably joggers)

Flat brown/black sandals (optional)



Green school hat (available from the school Office)

Tracksuit Jumper

Bottle green tracksuit jumper

Tracksuit Pants

Bottle green tracksuit pants


A green, white or yellow skivvy may be worn underneath the school shirt.

Beanies and Scarves

Bottle green

Hats: Our school policy is ‘NO HAT – NO PLAY’. A green school hat must be worn and can be purchased form the office.

Jewellery: The only jewellery allowed is one set of fine studs or sleepers, a chain with some form of religious significance and watches.

Nail Polish: Nail polish is not to be worn.

Hair: Children’s hair must be neat and tidy. If hair is below the collar it needs to be tied back with appropriate white or green accessories. It is expected that hairstyles reflect the code of dress required by the school. The colouring of hair and unusual hairstyles are not acceptable.

School Tuition Fees

At Sacred Heart, we have several payment options for your convenience: Cash, Cheque, ETPOS, Direct Debit and Centrepay. For further details on these payment options please see the school office.

Direct Deposit Details

Account Name

Sacred Heart Primary School

Account Number



064 786


Account Number

2021 Fee Structure

Tuition Fees

One child

Two children

Three or more children

Whole Year Fees




Resource Levy




Capital Development Levy




Total Yearly Expense




Amount charged per Term per Family




Sacred Heart Parish

Church Times

Sunday 7th February – Eucharistic Service @ 8.30am
Sunday 14th February – Eucharistic Service @ 8.30am
Saturday 27th February – Mass @ 6pm

Term 1 Important Dates

Week 2

Monday 1st- Wednesday 3rd February

Marty Savage (Senior Education Leader) and Sue Keefer visiting (Education Officer: Literacy) to provide reading and phonics training to new staff members.

Wednesday 3rd – Thursday 4th February

Karen Bruggemann visiting (School Guidance Counsellor)

Thursday 4th February

Swimming Lessons for Prep/1 and Year 1/2

Friday 5th February

Whole School Assembly 8:40am in the Church (Yr 6 students will present leadership speeches on assembly)

Beginning School Year Liturgy 9am in the Church

Swimming Lessons for Year 3/4 and Year 5/6

Sacred Heart Twilight Swimming Carnival 5pm

Week 3

Monday 8th February

Parent Information Night and New Library Building Tour

Prep/1 – 5pm

Year 2 – 5:30pm

Year 3/4 – 6pm

Year 5/6 – 6:30pm

Wednesday 10th February

Swimming Lessons for Year 3/4 and Year 5/6

Thursday 11th February

Swimming Lessons for Prep/1 and Year 1/2

Friday 12th February

District Swimming Carnival Cunnamulla

Week 4

Monday 15th February

PPF AGM – 5pm

Tuesday 16th February

USQ Discovery Van Visit

Wednesday 17th February

Ash Wednesday Liturgy 2:30pm

Thursday 18th February

Swimming Lessons for Prep/1 and Year 1/2

Friday 19th February

Swimming Lessons for Year 3/4 and Year 5/6

Meals on Wheels (Yr 5/6)

Week 5

Monday 22nd February – Friday 26th February

Leadership Forum

Week 6

Monday 1st March

Regional Swimming Carnival Chinchilla

Friday 5th February

Leadership Liturgy 9am