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23 October 2018

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

School Review

This Term, Sacred Heart will be undergoing the School Renewal and Improvement Process. These reviews are an important part of how Toowoomba Catholic Schools monitors and supports schools in the Diocese. The reviews are about providing schools with quality and independent feedback to help them continue to improve learning outcomes for students. They are not used to compare schools, or to rate the performance of school staff.

Each school is reviewed every four years, providing valuable opportunities for self-reflection and improvement. Our School Review, will take place during Week 7 of this Term (19th November to 23rd November). It will be conducted by a panel consisting of The Director Teaching and Learning, Mr Jim Midgley, Senior Education Leader, Suzanne Cavanagh and the principal of St Patrick’s Allora, Tyronne Maher, over a three-day period.

This review includes:

  • consultation with the school community through one-on-one or group interviews where two questions are asked: “What does the school do well?” and “What could the school do better?”
  • information from the school’s continuous inquiry and reflection as a part of the school improvement cycle
  • consideration of school strategic and annual action plans
  • the school’s teaching and learning plans
  • other data sources eg NAPLAN, school satisfaction surveys.

Through Appreciative Inquiry, the external review provides a school with a comprehensive review report that identifies findings and offers improvement strategies for consideration, reflection and action over the next four years in:

  • improvement plans
  • the school’s four-year strategic plan and subsequent annual action plans.

Feedback from parents and the community is an important part of school reviews, with everyone encouraged to participate. If you wish to register your interest in participating in the Sacred Heart School Review, please contact the school office.


Staffing and class arrangements are in the process of being organised for the 2019 school year. Unfortunately, we will be farewelling Miss Fitzpatrick and Miss Taylor at the end of Term 4. Miss Fitzpatrick will be transferring to Toowoomba while Miss Taylor will be moving north to Cairns to be closer to her family. I would like to sincerely thank both ladies, for their wonderful contribution to Sacred Heart school during their time in Cunnamulla. Our two available teaching positions will be advertised, and I will keep you updated with our progress throughout the term.

Buddy Seat – Anti-Bullying strategies in Schools

At the end of last term, Jess and Tom King kindly donated a beautiful wooden bench seat to Sacred Heart. This is just not any seat, it is a ‘Buddy Seat’ with a special purpose to help all the students at our school.

The buddy seating system is used in many schools across Australia to provide a fantastic positive reinforcement of the anti-bullying messages to children in school and the community. An important aspect of anti-bullying is the introduction of the physical presence of the buddy seat to provide children with a real tangible solution to anti-social behaviour in the playground.

On assembly in Week 1, I spoke to the students about how we could appropriately use the buddy seat to help us during play time. The ideas the students came up with included:

  • Cool off spot
  • Could go their if you are angry or cranky
  • If you were upset, you could go there
  • If you feel like you are left out or have no-one to play with, you could go and sit on the chair and someone would know to come and help you
  • If you felt like someone was bullying you, you could go there to get help

I believe these were wonderful ideas and very practical for our students. I reinforced to the students that the main purpose of the buddy seat is that it is a place someone can walk over to and sit when they feel they don’t have anyone to play with or they need help. A student or a teacher will then take the appropriate action to engage with the child on the buddy seat and commence a conversation and remove the isolation that child has. The buddy seat becomes a peace area where the conflict resolution process can then begin.

The buddy seat plays an important role in students feeling of belonging and being connected in their school environment. We also brainstormed as a whole school where the best possible place for the seat would be so everyone could see it. The idea that scored the most votes was somewhere under the big trees.

We will keep you updated with how we are going with our new buddy seat process. We sincerely thank Jess and Tom King for your kind donation. The students are very excited about using it to help each other.

Health and Wellbeing Week

Next week (from 29th October – 2nd November) students will be participating in Health and Wellbeing week. As part of this, students will be presented lessons on Personal development, Sexuality Education and Protective behaviours for children. These lessons are a part of the Daniel Morcombe Curriculum that students are participating in this term. These lessons align with the ACARA subject Health and Physical Education strand Personal, Social and Community Health and follow the Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Toowoomba, Guidelines for Teaching Sexual Health.

Please be assured that this material will be handled with sensitivity, and that there will be an emphasis on the idea that our bodies are a gift from God. A letter has been sent home to inform you of this part of your child’s education and to prepare you for the possibility of questions being asked at home. If you give permission for your child to participate in these lessons, please sign the form and return to child’s classroom teacher. If you wish for you child not to participate, please speak to your child’s classroom teacher.

As your child’s primary caregiver, you are welcome to seek further information about the curriculum documents or to view any materials which will be shown to your child. Simply see your child’s teacher to make an appointment.

Staff Retreat

On Saturday 13th October, the Sacred Heart staff from Cunnamulla trekked out to Eulo with their camping chairs for a Staff Retreat Day by the Paroo River. Fr Gary Walker flew from Brisbane to be the guest speaker. Throughout the day, we listened to Fr Gary’s remarkable life story including the time he spent in Fiji and Jamaica and then reflected upon our own life journey thinking about certain life events that have shaped who we are and what we are about. We discussed Catholic Education today and what it means for our students. It was interesting to compare the changes of Catholic schooling in Australia over the years. We finished the day with a liturgy reflecting on the theme, ‘the gift of gratitude’, remembering that there is always something that we can be grateful for.

Sacred Heart Staff Retreat by the Paroo River

Guidance Counsellor Report

Online Safety for Children

It would appear not a week goes by without a story in the news about Online privacy, Cyberbullying or cybersafety. As children access a range of technologies at younger ages it is important parents know how to assist their children to engage appropriately with others as well as keep safe online. Some of the big issues for families in this space include:

  • Online gaming
  • Privacy
  • Balancing time online
  • Cyber bullying
  • Online pornography
  • Unwanted contact
  • Social networking
  • Sharing of inappropriate images

Thankfully there is support for parents to better understand the risks and how to manage these in your family. The Office for the eSafety Commissioner has developed iParent Please take some time to review the short 10-minute interactive tour.

The Think U Know parents portal also provides a rich source of information including information on Family Online Safety Contracts, Parental Controls for different devices, Factsheets covering many of the risks and popular social media platforms for young people and parents including information about Snapchat, Minecraft, Kik, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, etc.

Mike Thomason
Sacred Heart School Guidance Counsellor.

Year 5-6 Cyber Safety Parent Information Session

To find out more about how to keep your child safe online come along to our Cyber Safety Parent Information Session.

When: Monday the 29th October from 5-6pm
Where: Sacred Heart Parish School
Presenter: Mike Thomason, Guidance Counsellor

Mike Thomason
School Guidance Counsellor

Mike through his guidance work has had a broad range of experience assisting students and families navigate the challenge of online activities. He developed a community cybersafe committee in Hervey Bay with local police, primary and secondary schools, participated in whole school implementation trials of the e-smart framework developed by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and presented at Cyberia- an action research project with Brisbane Catholic Education.

Prep/1 News

Welcome back! We have a jam-packed term coming up for Prep/1, with so many exciting topics to finish off the year. In English we are using iPads to create a story, which works well with our digital technology skills. In Science with are looking at the effects of heating different types of food, which we will sample at the end of the term. Religion will see us look at the story of the birth of Jesus and this will lead to Christmas carols and performing a Christmas nativity.

An exciting term is ahead of us so try to come to school every day to make sure you don’t miss out on all the fun!

Mrs Standfield.

Year 2/3 News

Term 4 is definitely underway! In the Year 2/3 class we have been enhancing our scientific knowledge, learning about how different materials can change state. In English this term, we have begun our poetry unit, so far focusing on rhyming words and couplets. Students have worked collaboratively in HASS and Religion, focusing on how people are connected to other people and places as well as the meaning of covenant within the Bible. Thank-you for being a part of our learning journey and I look forward to seeing you all in Week 4 for parent teacher interviews!

Kind Regards,
Miss Fitzpatrick and the Year 2/3 class.

Year 3/4 News

Wow! The first two weeks of Term 4 sure have flown by! This fortnight in Maths we have been focusing on angles and have been hunting for all the angles we can find in the school yard. The students have been investigating persuasive techniques used in advertisements, so look out, as they might try to persuade you! We will also be sustainability superstars as we investigate what it means to look after the environment and to be a good citizen.

Have a great week!
Miss Taylor and Year 3/4.

Year 3/4 finding angles in the big shed.

Year 5/6 News

This term, Year 5/6 have a vast array of topics to cover. In Literacy, we are using Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to stimulate our magical minds and create many different written pieces including maps of Diagon Alley, potions and spells! Our Maths unit will include final revision topics to cover those sections we found tricky throughout the year. Throughout our HASS project, we are looking at global and cultural diversity and will be comparing Australia’s traditions and cultures to that of other continents in the world, particularly Europe. Science has become electrifying and we are learning about electrical circuits and how they work. Finally, in Religion, we are learning about what it means to live life with faith and how Catholics are faithful.

Miss Conlin.

Year 5/6 creating maps of Diagon Alley – a magical street in the wizarding world.

Class and Uniform Awards


Emilyjean Robinson-Wharton

For great work counting to and from 25.

Kel’Leetah Maxwell-Seckold

For fabulous work using her strategies when reading.

Year 2/3

Ava Anderson

For working hard when completing multiplication and division facts.

Lily McCarthy

For excellent work in her writing across all subject areas.

Year 3/4

Chloe Tuckwell

For great work identifying angles.

Noah Hatchman

For a great effort in improving classroom behaviour choices.

Year 5/6

Kellie Brain

For giving 100% during writing lessons.

Chloe Murphy

For bringing a positive attitude to the classroom.


Ella McCarthy

For wearing your uniform correctly and with pride.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to all Students & Staff that have a birthday this fortnight.

Todd Brain and Mrs Fagan – 24th October
Thoramus Nelson – 25th October
Miss Simpson – 26th October
Miss Taylor – 27th October

Sacred Heart School Choir

Miss Conlin has started a school choir. She has had many excited students turning up on Tuesday and Thursday lunch times for practice. All students from Prep to Year 6 are invited to attend. I can’t wait to hear their first song!!

Prep Transition Days

We will be holding Prep Transition days this Term. If your child is turning 5 by the 30th June 2019, they are very welcome to attend. The dates for transition sessions are 2nd November, 16th November and the 30th November. If you have any questions, please phone or pop into the Sacred Heart Office.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent/Teacher interviews are held twice a year in Term 2 and Term 4. These take place after school and run for 15 minutes. They are a valuable opportunity for parents to discuss their child/children progress across all aspects of school life.

Interviews will be taking place in Week 4 of this Term (October 29th – November 2nd). I encourage every parent to make an appointment. Please see or phone Mrs Crick to book an interview time.

Grandparents Day Mass

Our Prep/One class will be hosting the Grandparents Day Mass on Friday 26th October at 9am. We would love as many grandparents as possible to come along and celebrate with us.

Mission Month/Socktober

Cunnamulla 150 years Celebrations

As part of the 150 years of Cunnamulla celebrations, Sacred Heart will be organising a float to participate in the parade on Saturday 10th November at 12:30pm. I will keep you updated as I find out more information. We would love as many students as possible to be involved in the parade.

School Swimming

Students partake in swimming lessons as part of the curriculum area Health and Physical Education and will be assessed. Therefore, it is important that students participate in swimming lessons each week, so they can learn the necessary swimming and safety skills. Students will need to bring togs, towel, swim shirt, $1 and thongs.

Swimming Times


Prep/1 – 2:15-2:45pm
Year 2/3 – 12:15-12:45pm


Year 3/4 – 12:15-12:45pm
Year 5/6 – 2:15-2:45pm

Calling For Prep Enrolments 2019

Is your child born between 1st July 2013 and 30th June 2014? If so, your child is eligible to be enrolled for 2019. Prep Enrolment packages are now available at the front office or if you know of a child please come and collect a package. Prep interviews are being now being conducted. Please contact the office to make an appointment. Transition days will be held in Term 4.

Student Protection

Our Schools Student Protection Contacts are:

Mrs Kathleen Fagan (Teacher/Librarian)
Mrs Carolyn Crick (Admin Officer)
Mr Mike Thomason (School Guidance Counsellor)
Miss Polly Crawford (Acting Principal)

School Fees

There are still a number of school fee accounts that are now overdue. Term 4 fees will be sent home soon.

At Sacred Heart, we have several payment options for your convenience: Cash, Cheque, ETPOS, Direct Debit and Centrepay. For further details on these payment options please see the school office.

Direct Deposit Details

Account Name

Sacred Heart Primary School

Account Number



064 786


Account Number


Thank you to all the parents who volunteer and cake cook for our school tuckshop. We are always looking for more volunteers, so if you interested please let the office know. We just ask that cars be parked outside the school grounds to ensure student safety.

Tuckshop Roster



Cake Cooker

Monday 22nd October



Friday 26th October

Mindy Wharton

Bec Fett

Monday 29th October

Amie Wadeson

Mary-Clare Duff

Friday 2nd November

Mindy Wharton

Jess King

Monday 5th November

Kerrianne Tuckwell

Dannita Partridge

Friday 9th November

Mindy Wharton

Jasmin Hickey

Monday 12th November

Maryanne Johnstone

Anita Wharton

Friday 16th November

Carla Mills

Dannita Partridge

Monday 19th November

Hamish Maher

Alice Behrendt

Friday 23rd November

Lauren Schmidt

Yvonne Brain

Monday 26th November

Amie Wadeson

Julie Barrington

Friday 30th November

Carla Mills

Carolyn Crick

Monday 3rd December

Kerrianne Tuckwell

Carolyn Crick

Friday 7th December



Sacred Heart Parish

Church Times

Saturday 27th October – Mass @6pm
Sunday 28th October – Eulo Mass @ 8:30am
Sunday 4th November – Eucharist Service @ 8:30am
Sunday 11th November – Eucharist Service @ 8:30am

Sacred Heart Parish Clothing Shop

Sister Maureen has a Clothing Shop in the old Convent. They have a large range of Clothing including second hand school uniforms. Trading hours are: Wednesday, Thursday & Fridays 9am – 12pm.

Community News

Term 4 Important Dates

Monday 22nd October – Friday 26th October

Music Camp in Toowoomba

Thursday 25th October

Mrs Standfield and the Prep students attending Teddy Bear Picnic 9:30am @ CSS

Friday 26th October

School Assembly 8:40am

Grandparents Day Mass 2pm (Prep/1 hosting)

Monday 29th October

Mike Thomason School Guidance Counsellor Visiting

Writing Workshop Town Library

Year 2/3 – 9-10am

Year 5-6 Cyber Safety Parent Information Session – 5-6pm

Monday 29th October – Friday 2nd November

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Health and Wellbeing Week

Tuesday 30th October

Mike Thomason School Guidance Counsellor Visiting

Writing Workshop Town Library

Year 3/4 – 11-12pm

Year 5/6 – 1:50-2:50pm

Wednesday 31st October

Writing Workshop Town Library

Year 5/6 – 11-12pm

Thursday 1st November

Paul Bryant Visiting – Facilities Development Manager

Monday 5th November – Friday 9th November

Principal Forum Toowoomba

Friday 9th November

School Assembly

Saturday 10th November

Cunnamulla 150 years Parade – School Float

Wednesday 28th November

Graduation 6pm

Friday 7th December

Last day of Term 4