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4 December 2018

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Principal’s Report

As the school year comes to an end it is important to reflect on the many remarkable and enriching learning experiences our students have had over the course of the 2018 school year. Each and every day I am proud of our Sacred Heart students by their achievements, acts of service, compassion and persistence! I can think of many remarkable moments over the course of the 2018 school year however I will share my Top 6 with you.

6. A remarkable moment of bravery

Dr Pat Coughlin our Executive Director visited our school at the beginning of the year. When he visits he completes classroom walkthroughs, where he observes teaching and learning and asks students questions. He often will ask the students about what they have been learning and how they have been learning it.

In one particular class, he asked for a student to volunteer to be the teacher, to teach him something they had recently been learning. The room was quiet for a few seconds, eyes scouting, sussing out who was going to be brave enough to speak up. Two brave students stood up and said, “Dr Pat we can teach you about the three types of tectonics plates.” The two students went on to confidently explain the tectonic plates they’d been studying, including special features, movements and effects. Needless to say, it was remarkable how well they spoke and how proud I was.

5. A moment of remarkable team work

Throughout the year there were a number of remarkable moments in which all staff at Sacred Heart blew me away with their ability to band together and get their hands dirty to get the job done, including the organising of our show display items, 150-year centenary float, sporting events, running training sessions…the number are countless. A good team has a competitive spirit and the staff at Sacred Heart certainly proved this when I put them to the challenge to compete against each other in teams of two at a life-sized version of Hungry Hippos, I knew then I had an excellent team of teachers and 2018 was going to be a success.

4. A remarkable moment of Community Service

Meals on Wheels has been an integral part of life at Sacred Heart for years. Once a month Mrs Crick takes charge of the wheels part of the meals and is accompanied by 2 students to deliver delicious delicacies. This year’s 5/6 group have been a standout, they are always ready and eager to help Mrs Crick. It is lovely to see our students happily and selflessly giving back to our community through acts of service.

3. A remarkable moment of sportsmanship

Both in the pool and on the track our students have shone again this year representing our school with pride. This year we had a number of students represent; the school, district, region and South West Queensland at sporting events. Some of the events included swimming, athletics, cross country, Rugby League, Netball, Tennis and Touch Football. The best part of these events is seeing our students cheer on their mates all the way to the finish and sometimes even coming back to run with them right to the end, even when they have already finished the race themselves.

2. Remarkable moments in learning

There have been many remarkable learning experiences happening across our school each and every day. Here is just a snapshot into our classrooms:

Prep/1: A Prep/1 writing assessment, involved designing and writing their very own class party invitation detailing who, what, when and where. They then had to write a rsvp to explain why they wanted to attend the party. The best part was they hosted their own class party complete with games, food and even a dance floor.

Year 2/3: The 2/3 class became authors writing their own fractured fairy tales. The students had to pick a well-known fairy tale and change it up. In one story Cinderfella lost his bank card. Students also acted out their “new” fairy tale in a series of freeze frames - as their classmates attempted to guess the original fairy tale.

Year 3/4: Charlie and chocolate factory was brought to life in Year 3/4 when Miss Taylor hosted Cunnamulla’s first ever Charlie and the Chocolate Factory talkshow. After studying the characters, students dressed up, got into character and made an appearance on the talkshow - wowing the audience with their knowledge and dramatic prowess. Miss Taylor was also transformed into Willy Wonka.

Year 5/6: Our 5/6 cohort were dropped out at the weir and challenged to find their way back to school. On this class expedition students had to use their resourcefulness to build a campfire and a shelter as well as make scientific observations and write journal articles. Our 5/6 crew did Sacred Heart proud making it back to school in record time and successfully completing every task.

1. Remarkable moments in reading

Reading has been a high priority across the diocese for a little over 12 months with an aim to improve reading outcomes for each and every student. At Sacred Heart we have embraced the process ensuring modelled, shared and guided reading is happening daily utilising a variety of quality texts which are relevant and relatable to our students. Independent and stamina reading has also been a high priority. Our teachers, school officers and students have all worked hard to ensure reading at Sacred Heart is a success. We have seen some truly remarkable student growth across all year levels in 2018; one student in particular moving 12 PM levels in a year and one class showing an average of 1.4 yrs growth for one year of learning, how remarkable!

2018 has been one of a kind and I am so glad I could be a part of it. I thank all students, staff, parents and friends for making Sacred Heart the remarkable place it is. I look forward to many more remarkable moments in 2019.

I wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas break.

Polly Crawford.

Prep/1 News

The end of the term is now upon us, and what a fantastic term we have had. We have finished all our assessment and we are moving on to Christmas craft and activities. Prep/1 students have been practising very hard their Christmas carol songs…oh how cute they will be! We have set up Christmas decorations around the classroom and are writing letters to Santa.

Students had a great time at our class water fight. Not a single person was dry by the end of it. We are continuing to work on our persistence during class activities and have filled our persistence jar up again! Looks like it’s a movie and popcorn afternoon later in the week. As the year comes to close, a big congratulations are in order for all Prep/1 students. They have grown and learnt so much this year and Year 1 will be missed as they move on to Year 2. It’s bye for now and we will see you all again next year!

Merry Christmas,
Mrs Standfield
Prep/1 Teacher

Water Fight Fun in Prep/1

Year 2/3 News

What a year it has been, the students and I cannot believe it has finally come to an end. Following on from our last class news - our design assessments were a HUGE success! We had ice blocks melting within 5 minutes. Our knowledge and understanding of objects that attract heat really helped with our overall experiment.

On a personal note, I would like to thank all of the parents and guardians this year. You have been a pleasure to work alongside and to help me grow as a teacher. I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. Cunnamulla will definitely be missed. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Kind Regards,
Miss Fitzpatrick and the Year 2/3 class.
Year 2/3 Teacher

Year 3/4 News

Dear Parents and Carers,

It has been my pleasure to teach your children this year. From setting foot into the classroom with no knowledge of the students, to today, knowing how they learn and their interests. The past two weeks we have been finishing off all our assessment. From creating their own advertisement, to classifying local birds, it has been great to see all students persist and complete these. In Literacy, we had a week on subordinating conjunctions, and writing a complex sentence.

The festive season has now arrived in Year 3/4 as we hastily practise our chosen carols for our carols night- hope to see you there! On Wednesday, Sacred Heart said Farwell to the year six students, I wish them all the best in high school. Congratulations to all of the deserving award participants from Year 3/4, I was very proud of each one of you. I have no doubt that the Year 3/4 students of 2018 will do big things in the future!

I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday season,

Miss Taylor.
Year 3/4 Teacher

Year 5/6 News

This week has been our final week of writing our narratives and boy did we do a good job of it! We have been creating Harry Potter spin off stories which revolve around the ghosts who reside in Hogwarts. Our stories were spooky and bewitching and some went down the humorous route and had the ghosts playing pranks on children. Our imaginations were awakened as we delved into the world of supernatural and let our writing minds unwind.

I wish the Year 6 students all the best as they head on new adventures in the new year.

See you next year,

Miss Conlin.
Year 5/6 Teacher

Class and Uniform Awards


Kirsten Higgins

For creating a great story for her writing assessment.

Penny Schmidt

For great work during stamina reading.

Year 2/3

Maddison Hickey

For showing a positive attitude towards all subject areas.

Kelisha McDermott

For working hard to complete all her assessment pieces.

Year 3/4

Megan Hatchman

For showing a positive attitude towards set assessment tasks.

Ella Partridge

For working hard at being a good role model in the classroom.

Year 5/6

Bianca Wharton-McKellar

For clear and confident reading aloud.

Colby Ickeringill

For showing a positive attitude towards stamina writing.


Ruby Schmidt

For wearing your uniform correctly and with pride.

Justin Mitchell

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to all Students that have a birthday this fortnight and over the Christmas break.

Aleisha Webb – 28th November
Kellie Brain – 8th December
Hayden Nobbs – 10th December
Ava and Bella Anderson – 14th December
Kirsten Higgins – 15th December
McKenzie Thomas – 16th December
Dominick Pender – 18th December
Brayden Munn – 22nd December

Christmas Carols

Our school Christmas Carol Concert will be held this Wednesday 5th December and will commence at 6:30pm. All students have been practicing their Christmas carol performances in class. It will be an event not to miss! Hotdogs and drinks will be for sale on the evening. Bring along a picnic blanket or camping chair to enjoy the carols under the stars.

Level Celebrations

This Thursday 6th December we will be holding our level celebrations.

Level 1: Students can wear Free Dress and bring party food to share.
Level 2: Biscuit decorating, handball & sherbet making.
Level 3: Just Dance & colouring in.

End of Year Graduation

A huge thank you to all students, parents and community members who turned up to help us celebrate our school graduation last Wednesday evening. It was a special event that marked not only the end of our school year but also the end of primary school for our Year 6 students. It was a wonderful evening where we celebrated through both liturgy and reflection. Congratulations to all those students who received awards on the evening. Keep up the great work for 2019.

End of Year Pool Party

This Friday 7th December all our students who are on Levels 1, 2 and 3 are invited to attend our end of year pool party. Students will need to bring along their togs, swim shirt, towel and thongs. This will be happening between 11-1pm.

Calling For Prep Enrolments 2019

Calling For Prep Enrolments 2019

Is your child born between 1st July 2013 and 30th June 2014? If so, your child is eligible to be enrolled for 2019. Prep Enrolment packages are available at the front office or if you know of a child please come and collect a package. Prep interviews are now being conducted. Please contact the office to make an appointment.

Student Protection

Our Schools Student Protection Contacts are:

Mrs Kathleen Fagan (Teacher/Librarian)
Mrs Carolyn Crick (Admin Officer)
Mr Mike Thomason (School Guidance Counsellor)
Miss Polly Crawford (Acting Principal)

School Fees

School Fee accounts are now overdue, can these please be finalised before the end of Term.

At Sacred Heart, we have several payment options for your convenience: Cash, Cheque, ETPOS, Direct Debit and Centrepay. For further details on these payment options please see the school office.

Direct Deposit Details

Account Name

Sacred Heart Primary School

Account Number



064 786


Account Number


Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered in our tuckshop this term. We would not be able to run a tuckshop without you. Remember there is NO TUCKSHOP on the last day of school.

Church Times

Sunday 9th December – Eucharist Service @ 8:30am
Sunday 16th December – Mass @6pm
Saturday 22nd December – Mass @ 6pm
Sunday 23rd December – Mass @ Eulo 9am
Monday 24th December – Christmas Eve Mass @7pm

Sacred Heart Parish Clothing Shop

Sister Maureen has a Clothing Shop in the old Convent. They have a large range of Clothing including second hand school uniforms. Trading hours are: Wednesday, Thursday & Fridays 9am – 12pm


Can all raffle tickets and money be returned to school by this
Thursday 6th December 2018?

Community News

Term 4 Important Dates

Tuesday 4th December

Sarah Hobson visiting – digital technology workshops with all students.

Wednesday 5th December

Christmas Carols 6:30pm

Friday 7th December

Last day of Term 4

Tuesday 29th January 2019

Term 1 Begins