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22 June 2021

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

Sr Maureen’s Farewell

Over the weekend, we celebrated the wonderful Sr Maureen Andrews by sharing Sunday Mass with Bishop Robert McGuckin and enjoying lunch at the Club Boutique. Sr Maureen heads off at the end of the month on a new adventure to Bribie Island. Sr Maureen arrived in Cunnamulla 11 years ago from Goondiwindi with great enthusiasm to make a difference to the Parish and wider community.

We will be forever grateful for the impact she has had on the Sacred Heart school community as she prepared children for the Sacraments, came into the classrooms and taught children religion lessons, worked alongside teachers and APREs preparing vibrant liturgies and masses, supported the work of the school principal, cooked delicious cakes for morning tea and had a positive presence in the staffroom and around the school grounds.

They say the greatest legacy anyone can leave behind is to positively impact the lives of others. Whenever you add value to other people’s lives, you are unknowingly leaving footprints on the sands of time that live on, even after you are gone.

Sr Maureen has definitely left many footprints on the lives of so many and we will be forever grateful. We wish her all the best in her retirement.


Last week, we wished Mrs Fagan best of luck as she begins her maternity leave. We are looking forward to meeting the new arrival in August and sharing lots of cuddles. Mrs Fagan currently holds the Teacher Librarian position at the school. While she on leave, Mrs Tolete and Mrs Haig will share covering the position.

School Maintenance – Cementing Project!

Over the next four weeks, Matthew Bell Constructions will be completing the school cementing project. This includes replacing all the cement around the classrooms and church with new concrete and getting rid of all the spoon drains with underground plumbing. This means that the school church and assembly hall is no longer accessible. Church services will be taking place from the Parish house on Alice Street and assembly this Friday will take place in the Big Shed (if not too cold) otherwise it will be in a classroom. We are extremely excited that this long-awaited project is finally taking place.

Prep Enrolments 2022

We are now calling for Prep enrolments for 2022. If your child is born between 1st July 2016 and 30th June 2017 they are eligible to be enrolled in Prep for 2022. Prep Enrolment packages are available at the front office or at the Churches of Christ Kindy. Prep interviews will be conducted in Term 3. Please contact the office to pick up and enrolment pack and to make an appointment.

To kick start our transition process, Miss Crawford visited the Kindy and read the story, First Day to the students. They were very excited to talk about beginning school next year.

Report Cards

Semester 1 report cards will be available to be picked up from the school office on Thursday and Friday of this week. Those that are not picked up will be posted to families.

I hope everyone has a restful and safe break. I look forward to beginning the new school term with our school athletics carnival!

Have a great week.

Polly Crawford

Prep/1 News

We made it! What a busy term we have had. We are all a bit exhausted in Prep/1 and ready for a well-deserved break. We were busy at work over the last fortnight. We consolidated all our knowledge from the term and finished our assessment in all areas. We were lucky enough to go on an excursion to the information centre as part of our HASS unit. We saw how different items have changed over time, like cameras, TVs, even our school uniform! We then went to the park for a play on the playground! Thank you to all our parents, carers and friends for all your help over this term. We couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you everyone for a great term, and we hope you have a great holiday! See you next term!

Miss Aimee Bretherton
Prep/1 Teacher

Year 1/2 News

Completing units of work has been all encompassing over the last fortnight. It’s always a bit of a rush, even when you think you’re organised! If they’ve been extra tired, that’s why! It’s been a very busy term packed full of teaching and learning with many ‘special days ‘to celebrate as well. With that now behind us and reports written, we are having a bit of fun this week. Making our Rube Goldberg machines is a great way to wrap up a term in which problem-solving skills have been well and truly exercised. The children have all worked very hard and need to be commended for their efforts. I wish you all a happy and safe holiday; enjoy the time with your children and we’ll see you back here in July, ready to embrace term three.

Mrs Jenny Shellshear
Year 1/2 Teacher

Year 3/4 News

Congratulations! We have made it to the end of Term 2! The classroom has been a hive of activity with students completing a variety of assessment tasks over the last fortnight.

The students will complete their final session with the Deadly Choices team on Thursday by making Fruit, Yoghurt and Muesli Cups. Throughout the term, the students have thoroughly enjoyed these cooking experiences and the opportunity to learn more about how to create healthy and yummy snacks! From all of the students in the Year 3-4 class, thank you Deadly Choices for allowing us to engage with this program.

The students would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and we look forward to seeing you all in Term 4.

Year 3/4 Teacher
Miss Ellie Charlton

Year 5/6 News

We have finally made it to the end of Term 2! Students have been busy completing their final assessments with a lot of focus and determination. This week students will participate in many hands-on activities and challenges to end the term with a bang. Students will participate in their last session with Deadly Choices on Thursday, and we thank the team for all they have done for our class this term. I hope everyone has a very restful and safe holidays and I will see you next term ready for some more fun and learning.

Miss Lilly Daly
Year 5/6 Teacher

Class and Uniform Awards

This fortnight focus:

Habit of the Mind: Independence
Habit of the Heart: Excellence



Lucy Schmidt

Continuously demonstrating stronger levels of independence in all learning areas.

Year 1/2

Brooke Haig

For her use of problem-solving strategies, she used to make her Rube Goldberg machine.

Year 3/4

Marley Mitchell

For demonstrating independence towards assessment tasks.

Year 5/6

Lily McCarthy

For trying her best to complete all assessment tasks independently.



Dylan French

For always maintaining a high level of interest in all areas of learning.

Year 1/2

Jason Tolete

For producing a wonderful ‘Torah’ in religion.

Year 3/4

Sophia Tolete

For always being willing to learn new concepts and extend her learning.

Year 5/6

Charlotte Ramsay

For always ensuring her work is written and presented to the best of her ability.


Year 3/4

Maximus Jordan

For wearing your uniform with pride.

Year 5/6

Max Manning

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to all students that have a birthday.

Henny Coolwell – 16th June
Natarlia Francisco – 27th June

Athletics Carnival

There will be Doughnuts available for purchase at our Athletics Carnival on Friday 16th July. Pre-orders are welcome.

Feast of the Sacred Heart

This Friday 25th June, our students will be celebrating the Feast of the Sacred Heart. During this time, we reflect on how much Jesus loves us and how we can be more loving like Jesus.

Will kick start our Sacred Heart Feast Day celebrations with a Liturgy at 9am directly after assembly. During the day, students will complete Feast of the Sacred Heart activities. Parents and community members are more than welcome to come along and join in on the fun.

Behaviour Level Promotions

Congratulations to the following students on their promotion to Behaviour Level 1 & 2. The following students have met the Behaviour Policy requirements:

Level 1: Brooke Haig, Natasha King, Penny Schmidt, Sophia Tolete, Amy King, Kirsten Higgins & Ruby Schmidt

Level 2: Lucy Schmidt, Isla Dunne, Deegan Murphy & Thais Vanini

Behaviour Celebrations

Students will participate in their behaviour celebrations this Thursday 24th July between 12-1pm. The celebrations for each level are as follows:

Level 1: Free Dress- Winter Party theme and bring a plate to share.
Level 2: Movie with popcorn.
Level 3: Colouring in and Lego.

Flu Season

As the colder weather begins to approach, it is important to remember effective hand and sneeze/cough hygiene is the best defence against viruses and can help prevent the spread of illness.

Lead by example and encourage your children to:

  • wash their hands regularly with soap and water, before and after eating, and after going to the toilet
  • use alcohol-based hand sanitiser if soap is not available.
  • cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or the inside of their elbow.
  • dispose of tissues in the bin immediately.
  • remind students not to share food.
  • if they’re unwell, stay at home and avoid contact with others such as touching, kissing or hugging.

Remember if your child is unwell or has flu like symptoms, please keep them at home and contact the local medical centre if required.

Kilometre Club

This term Miss Lilly Daly and the teachers will be running Kilometer Club for our students.

What is Kilometer Club?

Kilometer Club is an opportunity for students to come to school for a couple of leisurely (or frantically) paced laps around the oval. Each distance walked/run is recorded and awards are received at the end of term for achieved distance milestones.

Who can join Kilometer Club?

All ages! Students, teachers and parents are welcome to attend.

When can we participate in Kilometer Club?

Kilometer Club will run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 7:30-8am.

What do I need to bring?

Students need to arrive at school at 7:30am in their school uniform. Students can bring more comfortable running/walking shoes if required. Students are expected to change back into their black school shoes when finished.

Other information:

Students will receive a Kilometer Club book and are able to complete kilometers in their own time. Kilometer Club will also be great training for Cross Country which is coming up in a couple of weeks.

Please contact Miss Daly (Yr 5/6 Teachers) ifs you have any questions.

PPF News

This Saturday 26th June, the PPF will be catering at the Dingoes Rugby Union game. If anyone can help between 1pm – 5pm, can you please let the school office know by Friday 25th June.



Student Protection

At Sacred Heart, the safety and wellbeing of our students is our highest priority. All children should grow up free of violence or exploitation and be able to learn in a safe and supported environment. Schools have a number of specific child protection reporting obligations that are detailed in our Student Protection Processes and Guidelines.

If a student wants to talk to someone about harm, abuse or inappropriate behaviour toward themselves or others, they can speak to a trusted staff member or one of our School Student Protection Contacts (SSPCs). The SSPCs receive additional training and are identified in the student protection posters displayed around the school.

Summary documents have been developed for parents and caregivers about our student protection obligations and our broader strategy for maintaining safe school environments.

Further information on all of the above topics can be found on the Toowoomba Catholic Schools website at the link below:

Our Schools Student Protection Contacts are:

Mrs Cara Haig (Deputy / LST)
Mrs Carolyn Crick (Administration Officer)
Ms Karen Bruggemann (School Guidance Counsellor)
Miss Polly Crawford (Principal)

School Tuition Fees

School Fees have been sent out; can these be paid by Friday 18th June 2021. At Sacred Heart, we have several payment options for your convenience: Cash, Cheque, ETPOS, Direct Debit and Centrepay. For further details on these payment options please see the school office.

Direct Deposit Details

Account Name

Sacred Heart Primary School

Account Number



064 786


Account Number

2021 Fee Structure

Tuition Fees

One child

Two children

Three or more children

Whole Year Fees




Resource Levy




Capital Development Levy




Total Yearly Expense




Amount charged per Term per Family




Sacred Heart Parish

Church Times

Sunday 13th June - Eucharistic Service @ 9.00am
Sunday 20th June - Eucharistic Service @ 9.00am
Saturday 26th June - Mass @ 5.30pm – Father Warren

Community News

Term 2 Important Dates

Week 10

Thursday 24th June


Level Celebrations 12pm 1pm

Friday 25th June


Assembly 8.40am

Feast of Sacred Heart Liturgy – 9am

Last day of Term 2

Term 3 Important Dates

Week 1

Monday 12th July


Tuesday 13th July

Term 3 begins

Friday 16th July

SHPS Athletics Carnival

Week 2

Friday 23rd July

Assembly – 8.40am

Week 3

Monday 26th July

PUPIL FREE – All staff in Quilpie for Bishop Inservice

Friday 30th July

District Athletics Carnival - CSS