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31 August 2021

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

Buddy Visit

On Monday, some of our 2022 school leaders visited the Kindy to meet their Pre-Prep buddies! They completed an ‘All About Me’ activity together to find out each other’s likes and interests. Some were a little shy to begin with but soon warmed up to enjoy playing games together, singing songs, dressing up, painting and reading stories. It was wonderful to see the positive relationships being built between buddies. We can’t wait to meet up again at our Prep Transition Days early next term.

Students visit the Kindy to meet their 2022 buddies!

Prep interviews for 2022 enrolments will begin next Tuesday 7th of September. Please contact the school office if you wish to make an appointment.

Student Absences

Recently, a number of students have been experiencing cold and flu like symptoms. At Sacred Heart, we continue to be vigilant with cleaning and hygiene protocols within our school community. However, we ask parents to keep your child at home if they are experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms until they are well again and seek medical advice if required. This helps to stop the illness from spreading to others.

Students will be sent home from school if they present with any cold or flu like symptoms.

We encourage everyone to:

  • wash their hands regularly with soap and water, particularly before and after eating, and after going to the toilet;
  • use alcohol-based hand sanitiser if soap is unavailable;
  • cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or the inside of their elbow;
  • dispose of used tissues in the bin immediately;
  • apply social distancing as far as possible at school.
  • drink plenty of water and rest
  • keep your child home if they are unwell and contact the school to advise of absence
  • consult with doctor as required

Student Attendance

A friendly reminder that students are not to arrive at school before 8am as there is no school supervision before this time. Before school play begins at 8:15am with lessons beginning at 8:30am.

If your child is going to be absent from school, can you please let the school office know. School can be contacted via phone, text or by the school app.

Sacred Heart Snack Shack

Are you fed up packing lunches each morning? Well we have the solution for you!

The Sacred Heart Parish are now selling lunch packs for the Sacred Heart students on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The lunch pack includes enough food for both morning tea and lunch (sandwich, fruit, yoghurt, biscuits and home baked cooking e.g. cake) for $5.

If you wish to place an order, please see the school office and complete a Snack Shack form. If parents wish to set up a regular order this can be arranged as well.

We thank Fr Shane and the Parish community for their support.

Habits of the Mind and Heart

This fortnight students have been practising the Habit of the Heart, Compassion and Habit of the Mind, Making Connections.

Why is Compassion important?

Compassion is showing kindness, being caring, supportive and willing to help others. Put simply, it is empathy and caring in action. It is an important social-emotional skill that helps to increase a student’s sense of well-being. Showing empathy helps students to connect with others and encourages tolerance. When we feel safe and secure in an environment, it improves opportunities for learning.

What does Compassion look like?

  • Helping others when they are hurt or upset
  • Showing empathy
  • Listening to others
  • Lending a helping hand
  • Being considerate of others needs before your own
  • Assisting others who might be struggling
  • Show genuine concern for those around you
  • Helping others without wanting a reward

Why is Making Connections important?

Making Connections is about linking experiences and knowledge to a new situation or information. It allows students to better understand what they are reading or a concept they are learning about. Students are thinking when they are making connections, which makes them more engaged in the learning process.

What does Making Connections look like?

  • Connecting your own knowledge and experiences to what you are learning
  • Explaining your knowledge of a topic
  • Applying understanding of the topic
  • Using critical thinking skills
  • Reflecting and talking about learning
  • Linking ideas

Miss Polly Crawford

Prep/1 News

Another busy fortnight has been had in Prep/1! We have been slowly bringing our knowledge together and making connections in our learning. We explored different cloud cover patterns in science. We worked in a group to use cotton balls to help represent a clear sky, a cloudy sky and an overcast sky.

In health, we have been practicing our confidence skills using different strategies brought to us by ‘Connie Confidence’. We used our acting skills to help role play when we would need to use confidence in the playground.

In Religion, we have been learning about the creation stories. This week we made puppets of the different characters from the Adam and Eve story and used iPads to record ourselves retelling the stories.

We also had a special visit from Nick and Brody to talk to us about road safety. It was very interesting and we learnt a lot! We have been doing lots of learning in Prep/1 over the last fortnight and we are ready for the final sprint to the end of term! Have a great fortnight!

Miss Bretherton
Prep/1 Teacher

Year 1/2 News

Here we are at week eight already with only a few left until holidays. Reading and writing has kept us busy in English and although we’ve completed our writing task for assessment, we’ll be doing plenty of writing about our science topic in the coming weeks. The need for children to be able to use their spelling knowledge to read and write words has seen us branch into dictation activities this week, in addition to our daily phonics to spelling lessons and their first efforts have been pleasing.

During maths, we’ve been discussing multiplication and exploring groups of and rows of and how many in each. We’ve moved on to an informal introduction to division and using the childrens’ life experience to share groups of objects equally between a given number. Please continue to practise telling the time at home, with year 1’s concentrating on o’clock and half past and year 2’s doing likewise but adding the quarter hour and reading and writing digital time as well as analogue. In the weeks ahead we’ll continue with these concepts in addition to fractions.

HASS lessons saw us welcome Mr Hogan into our classroom on Monday, to give us local information about some Cunnamulla landmarks. The Robber’s Tree, The Water Fountain and The Darby Land Bridge are the three we’ve chosen to study and next week, we’ll be going to the one we will study and making a short video presentation about its history and why it is important to the locals. Presenting what we’ve learnt in this way is new to us and we are looking forward to the challenge. It promises to be fun, now that we’ve got the written part done. I was impressed with the way they wrote sentences about their landmark and I’m pleased to say, their writing has really gone to another level this term. Well done year 1 / 2.

They love to sing and several songs they hum away at home have most probably come from their religion unit. They have enjoyed the exploration of the person of Jesus and have honed reading skills retelling ‘miracle’ stories. As promised at the beginning of the term, our science unit Dinosaurs and More has been introduced and the children have enjoyed watching the classroom display come together. Next week we’ll really begin to explore our prehistoric animals, as we note and compare the features of each and match them to a present day ‘look alike’. Many thanks to those who’ve brought dinosaur models in to add to our classroom display. We plan to make one of our own, just a paper plate version mind you and perhaps if time permits, create our own fossil in salt dough.

Preparing gifts for special days is always important to our little people and Fathers’ Day activities are no exception. The children think so carefully about your favourite colours before they create, it’s really sweet. Make the most of it, the years fly by, so we need to cherish each and every minute, although as a mother of three boys, I know they can test you.

All this work comes with a cost, so you may have noticed your child beginning to fatigue. They’ve applied themselves to their work so well this term however all of us shall be delighted when the holidays roll around.

Mrs Shellshear
Year 2 Teacher

Year 3/4 News

Welcome to Week 8! This term is just flying by and the Year 3-4 students are taking advantage of every minute of it!

Over the last fortnight we have continued with our Deadly Choices program and were lucky enough to have a visit from two of the hospital ambulances. Charlene, Kristy, and Matt visited the Year 3-4 class with Guyahny and spoke to the students about who to call in an Emergency both at home and school. We also had the opportunity to explore the ambulances and investigate some of the equipment that they use. The students absolutely loved this visit and were very keen to learn everything they could.

We also visited Miss Tammy at the town library on Wednesday the 18th of August. Miss Tammy read us a story, we played with the Spheros, played games on the Hub, read books, and used our imaginations to play some good old-fashioned dress up! The students were also given a brand-new book for each of them to keep! The students were so excited about their new books! Thank you, Miss Tammy, and the library staff, for having us for a visit! We can’t wait to come back again.

Miss Charlton
Year 3/4 Teacher

Year 5/6 News

We are nearly at the end of term! Students have been having fun block coding with the Spheros – a sphere shape robot that is controlled by an app. They have each coded a Sphero to stop and recall significant information on a timeline, that is related to federation. Students have started their investigation on the growth of mould, as they continue to learn about micro-organisms and the fungi kingdom. Ask your child how they set up their experiment. In Mathematics, students have been constructing 3-D shapes using nets and comparing pyramids and prisms. This week students will be deepening their understanding of location, as they use grid references and a cartesian plane.

Miss Daly
Year 5/6 Teacher

Class and Uniform Awards

This fortnight’s focus:

Habit of the Heart: Compassion
Habit of the Mind: Making Connections



Jazaha Francisco

For demonstrating kindness and compassion to all members of Prep/1.

Year 1/2

Kaiarn Combarngo

For showing compassion on a continual basis.

Year 3/4

Emersyn Francis

For making an effort to include children who are left out of play.

Year 5/6

Ruby Schmidt

For always showing compassion to others.

Making Connections


Lucy Schmidt

For applying knowledge from her English lesson in her reading

Year 1/2

Charlie French

For applying what he knows about telling the time to daily activities.

Year 3/4

Maximus Jordan

For making connections in both Phonics and Maths.

Year 5/6

Dominick Pender

For making connections between English and History.


Year 3/4

Charlotte Meurant

For wearing your uniform with pride.

Year 5/6

Charlotte Ramsay

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to all our students that have a birthday.

Zara Field – 28th August

From the Library

Remember that Library borrowing day is now every Thursday for all students. Students need to bring a library bag to school if they wish to take their library books home.

Everyone did a fantastic job dressing up for Book Week. The judge had a very hard job picking winners. Thank-you very much Miss Tammy for your kind donations and giving up your time.

PPF Father’s Day Stall

The PPF will have a Father’s Day Stall on Wednesday 1st Thursday 2nd September from 3.00pm -3.30pm. Nothing over $5.

If you need a gift for Dad, come and grab a bargain.

Prep Enrolments 2022

We are now calling for Prep enrolments for 2022. If your child is born between 1st July 2016 and 30th June 2017, they are eligible to be enrolled in Prep for 2022. Prep Enrolment packages are available at the front office or at the Kindy. Prep interviews will be conducted over the next month. Please contact the office to pick up an enrolment pack and to make an enrolment interview.

To kick start our transition process, Miss Crawford visited the Kindy and read the story, First Day to the students. They were very excited to talk about beginning school next year.

Homework Centre

Homework centre is up and running again for the term and will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-3:45pm. It is a great way for students to receive support with their homework tasks. Miss Devey will be supervising the students.


We are in desperate need of helpers for Tuckshop, so if you are interested, please contact Tom King on 0457 990 027 or ring the school office. Tuckshop runs on Fridays 9am – 1.30pm during Term. We just ask that cars be parked outside the school grounds to ensure student safety. Thank you to all the parents who volunteer in our school tuckshop. A reminder that ALL orders are to be into the Tuckshop by 9am on Friday.


At Sacred Heart, we continue to be vigilant with cleaning and hygiene protocols within our school community.

The staff continue to ask children to:

  • wash their hands regularly with soap and water, particularly before and after eating, and after going to the toilet;
  • use alcohol-based hand sanitiser if soap is unavailable;
  • cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or the inside of their elbow;
  • dispose of used tissues in the bin immediately;
  • apply social distancing as far as possible at school.

We ask parents to ensure they do the following if their child develops flu like symptoms:

  • keep the child at home and seek advice about undergoing COVID testing
  • contact your doctor or contact 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) immediately
  • call ahead to the medical centre or doctor’s surgery, advising of your child’s symptoms

Student Protection

At Sacred Heart the safety and wellbeing of our students is our highest priority. All children should grow up free of violence or exploitation and be able to learn in a safe and supported environment. Schools have several specific child protection reporting obligations that are detailed in our Student Protection Processes and Guidelines.

If a student wants to talk to someone about harm, abuse or inappropriate behaviour toward themselves or others, they can speak to a trusted staff member or one of our School Student Protection Contacts (SSPCs). The SSPCs receive additional training and are identified in the student protection posters displayed around the school.

Summary documents have been developed for parents and caregivers about our student protection obligations and our broader strategy for maintaining safe school environments.

Further information on all of the above topics can be found on the Toowoomba Catholic Schools website at the link below:

Our Schools Student Protection Contacts are:

Mrs Cara Haig (Deputy / LST)
Mrs Carolyn Crick (Administration Officer)
Mrs Karen Bruggemann (School Guidance Counsellor)
Miss Polly Crawford (Principal)

School Tuition Fees

Term 3 Fees have been sent home; can these please be paid by Friday 11th September 2021? At Sacred Heart, we have several payment options for your convenience: Cash, Cheque, ETPOS, Direct Debit and Centrepay. For further details on these payment options please see the school office.

Direct Deposit Details

Account Name

Sacred Heart Primary School

Account Number



064 786


Account Number

Church Times

Mass/Services will be held at the Presbytery (27 Alice Street Cunnamulla)


Sunday 5th September – Mass @ 9am – Cunnamulla
Saturday 11th September – Mass @ 5:30pm – Cunnamulla
Sunday 12th September – Mass @ 9am – Eulo
Sunday 19th September – Eucharistic Service @ 9.00am – Cunnamulla
Sunday 26th September – Mass @ 9am - Cunnamulla

Community News

Term 3 Important Dates

Week 8

Monday 30th August

Yr 5 Buddy Visit to the Kindy

PPF Meeting – 5pm

Wednesday 1st September

PPF Father’s Day Stall 3-3:30pm

Thursday 2nd September

Assembly 8:40am

Father’s Day Liturgy 9am

PPF Father’s Day Stall 3-3:30pm

Friday 3rd September

Pupil Free Day

Week 9

Monday 6th – Friday 10th September

National Child Protection Week

Week 10

Tuesday 13th – Friday 17th September

Thargomindah Sports Camp Years 4/5

Friday 17th September

Assembly 8:40am

Mercy Day Liturgy 9am

Last day of Term 3