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Sacred Heart Parish School in Cunnamulla was established in 1915 and was originally staffed by the Sisters of Mercy, an Irish order founded by Catherine McAuley in 1827.

At the Sacred Heart school we cater for children from Prep to Year 6. The current level of student enrolments allows for close interaction between parents, students and staff. Our shared vision for each student is embedded in our motto “Become Who You Are” where we encourage children to embrace their physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual nature.

We’re a school that prides itself on establishing right relationships with all community members. Our school works as a team in which each of us offers our unique gifts and talents to build the best possible educational environment for the children. We share this responsibility with parents, community members, parishioners and our parish leaders. At our school, we endeavour to live the Gospel values.


Community News

As the school year comes to an end it is important to reflect on the many remarkable and enriching learning experiences our students have had over the course of the 2018 school year. Each and every day I am proud of our Sacred Heart students by their achievements, acts of service, compassion and persistence! I can think of many remarkable moments over the course of the 2018 school year however I will share my Top 6 with you.

6. A remarkable moment of bravery
Dr Pat Coughlin our Executive Director visited our school at the beginning of the year. When he visits he completes classroom walkthroughs, where he observes teaching and learning and asks students questions. He often will ask the students about what they have been learning and how they have been learning it. In one particular class, he asked for a student to volunteer to be the teacher, to teach him something they had recently been learning. The room was quiet for a few seconds, eyes scouting, sussing out who was going to be brave enough to speak up. Two brave students stood up and said, “Dr Pat we can teach you about the three types of tectonics plates.” The two students went on to confidently explain the tectonic plates they’d been studying, including special features, movements and effects. Needless to say, it was remarkable how well they spoke and how proud I was.

5. A moment of remarkable team work
Throughout the year there were a number of remarkable moments in which all staff at Sacred Heart blew me away with their ability to band together and get their hands dirty to get the job done, including the organising of our show display items, 150-year centenary float, sporting events, running training sessions…the number are countless. A good team has a competitive spirit and the staff at Sacred Heart certainly proved this when I put them to the challenge to compete against each other in teams of two at a life-sized version of Hungry Hippos, I knew then I had an excellent team of teachers and 2018 was going to be a success.

4. A remarkable moment of Community Service
Meals on Wheels has been an integral part of life at Sacred Heart for years. Once a month Mrs Crick takes charge of the wheels part of the meals and is accompanied by 2 students to deliver delicious delicacies. This year’s 5/6 group have been a standout, they are always ready and eager to help Mrs Crick. It is lovely to see our students happily and selflessly giving back to our community through acts of service.

3. A remarkable moment of sportsmanship
Both in the pool and on the track our students have shone again this year representing our school with pride. This year we had a number of students represent; the school, district, region and South West Queensland at sporting events. Some of the events included swimming, athletics, cross country, Rugby League, Netball, Tennis and Touch Football. The best part of these events is seeing our students cheer on their mates all the way to the finish and sometimes even coming back to run with them right to the end, even when they have already finished the race themselves.

2. Remarkable moments in learning
There have been many remarkable learning experiences happening across our school each and every day. Here is just a snapshot into our classrooms:

  • Prep/1: A Prep/1 writing assessment, involved designing and writing their very own class party invitation detailing who, what, when and where. They then had to write a RSVP to explain why they wanted to attend the party. The best part was they hosted their own class party complete with games, food and even a dance floor.
  • Year 2/3: The 2/3 class became authors writing their own fractured fairy tales. The students had to pick a well-known fairy tale and change it up. In one story Cinderfella lost his bank card. Students also acted out their “new” fairy tale in a series of freeze frames - as their classmates attempted to guess the original fairy tale.
  • Year 3/4: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was brought to life in Year 3/4 when Miss Taylor hosted Cunnamulla’s first ever Charlie and the Chocolate Factory talkshow. After studying the characters, students dressed up, got into character and made an appearance on the talkshow - wowing the audience with their knowledge and dramatic prowess. Miss Taylor was also transformed into Willy Wonka.
  • Year 5/6: Our 5/6 cohort were dropped out at the weir and challenged to find their way back to school. On this class expedition students had to use their resourcefulness to build a campfire and a shelter as well as make scientific observations and write journal articles. Our 5/6 crew did Sacred Heart proud making it back to school in record time and successfully completing every task.

1. Remarkable moments in reading
Reading has been a high priority across the diocese for a little over 12 months with an aim to improve reading outcomes for each and every student. At Sacred Heart we have embraced the process ensuring modelled, shared and guided reading is happening daily utilising a variety of quality texts which are relevant and relatable to our students. Independent and stamina reading has also been a high priority. Our teachers, school officers and students have all worked hard to ensure reading at Sacred Heart is a success. We have seen some truly remarkable student growth across all year levels in 2018; one student in particular moving 12 PM levels in a year and one class showing an average of 1.4 yrs growth for one year of learning, how remarkable!

2018 has been one of a kind and I am so glad I could be a part of it. I thank all students, staff, parents and friends for making Sacred Heart the remarkable place it is. I look forward to many more remarkable moments in 2019. I wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas break.

Polly Crawford

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